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Sexy Rexy Biography April 29, 2009

Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, Sexy Rexy (Rexy Tomlinson) has grown up to be a living legend.  This famous, crazy Jamaican tour guide had a short stint as soldier in Cuba, worked marajuana fields in Jamaica, and settled twenty five years ago in Negril.  Since then, he has built his own bar, near Rick’s Cafe, on the cliffs.

Sexy Rexy, sings, dances, MCs, cooks, and gives the most fun tours in Negril!  You can catch out at any time, with a spliff and a Red Stripe, always having a good time.  He lives with his wife Miss Shaw, and daughter on the West End.

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3 Responses to “Sexy Rexy Biography”

  1. Debbie Hill Says:

    Hi My name is Debbie and I would love to go on one of your tours. I came to Jamaica July of last year and stayed in Montego Bay, well this year I’m coming back to the Negril. (smile) I’ll be turning 50 on the 27th of June and want to
    let my hair down and do it up in Jamaica. I would love for you to pick me and my friend up at the air port and take us on our journey. We took a cab the last time to our hotel but I rather get to my hotel in style and lots of fun on the way, and he didn’t offer us a Red Stripe or Jerk. hahahahahahaha. Hopefully you can do that for us and I look forward to meeting you and your family.

  2. sexyrexynegril Says:

    Sure thing! Just call me when you ready to make solid plans.
    +1 876 445-3740.

  3. Bryan Daves Says:

    Hi Rexy, My name is Bryan and my fiance and I will be coming to Negril for our honeymoon in late April. We are staying at Couples Negril but also want to experience the real Negril with a living legend. We can’t wait to meet the locals and hear some great music. It seems your place is where the true flavor of Jamaica can be tasted. We would love to meet your family and the other beautiful people of Negril. I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience. If I don’t hear from you I will give you a call.

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